Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AFD IDIM Adventures: Skirt #3.

Blazer: Talula Babaton by Aritzia One Button Blazer (Black, size Zero) (see similar here and here and here).
Skirt: DIY Skirt (see similar here).
Blouse: Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt (Ivory, size 0P).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps (Black, size 6).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).
Ring: Le Chateau (see similar here and here).

     I'm in love with this blue color. It's a bit of a cross between royal blue and cerulean blue. I love almost all blues, but at the moment this shade has captured my heart. 

     Can you tell that I made this skirt? It is the third skirt I've made (see the first here and the second here). This one is similar to the first but I added a full lining:

    The lining didn't go as well as I had planned. I had a little mishap trying to attach it to the vent, but I think that all started when at the last minute I realized I forgot that I was going to change the french vent into a kick pleat.  Instead of re-cutting new material, I salvaged what I could with what I had already cut thinking it would all be OK. Little did I know that it would make my life extra difficult when sewing in the lining. So it's in there, it's just not very pretty. 

    This skirt took me two days using pattern Burda 8155 (a favorite of many sewists apparently), while making some of my own modifications. I hope one day soon to free myself of patterns and start designing my own clothes, but since I'm still learning about construction, I'll have to stick with them for now. Despite the issues with my first ever insertion of a lining, the skirt fits rather well, although I would prefer that my next skirt be a bit narrower at the bottom for more of a pencil fit than a straight fit. The only thing I really dislike about the end result is that the skirt is very high-waisted. It sits about two inches above my belly button. I will have to remember to shorten the hip-line a few inches next time so I don't feel like Steve Urkel.

   I used a bottom weight cotton twill so the skirt doesn't drape all that well and it wrinkles like mad as you can see in the first picture, but it is a good fabric to learn with since it is not too slippery, relatively inexpensive, and a good weight. I already have a huge stash of some beautiful fabrics just waiting to be used once I get better at this sewing thing. I even won this beautiful chiffon fabric by the haute couture designer Louis Feraud from Elliot Berman Textiles:

     I'm afraid to touch it let alone work with it. I can only imagine how much this fabric actually costs, but I'm dreaming up things in my head about what I could one day make with it. What do you think I should make?

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Rmfcor said...

Wow. That looks great! So pretty! I have recently gotten into sewing and would love to know if you could recommend any books for beginning sewers? Or any you tube links? I just looked at your other skirts and love reading about how the process works for you.

Carrie said...

I've sewn some very simple shirts, but never anything with a lining or a zipper - so I'm impressed. That skirt is a beautiful color and looks great. I think the chiffon would make a beautiful blouse to layer under blazers. :)

Cher said...

I have a few books I would recommend. For project books I really like Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time. It's really great for learning basic skills and then building upon them project by project. I also have The Colette Sewing Handbook, it's highly recommended by looks great, but I actually haven't done any of the projects in the book yet. The instructions are simple and easy to understand, so I hope to start something from that book soon.

 For a book about clothes construction, I recommend Easy Guide to Sewing Tops and T-shirts, Skirts and Pants. It's actually 3 books compiled into one, but it's excellent in showing you the steps in how to construct garments. I have a ton of other books, but if I had to choose the first 3 to purchase for a beginner, it would be those. As for YouTube, I use YT a lot when I'm stuck on a particular step, like inserting sleeves or doing blind hems. I learn by imitation, so I find YT really helpful at times but I can't think of anyone in particular that I would suscribe to except maybe Threads. I have only watched a few, but in general they are pretty good. HTH! If you want any other suggestions, I'll be happy to provide them! :D

Cher said...

I'm totally backwards! I've never sewn anything "simple" except maybe a re-usable bag. I just jump right in and hope it turns out OK! LOL. And I think you're right, a chiffon cross-over blouse would be very pretty under a blazer!

nenshi said...

wow! that skirt looks amazing. gorgeous color as well! i'm so jealous that you can sew and make your own skirts!

Rmfcor said...

Thank you *so* much for such a thorough and thoughtful reply! I will get on those books asap! And, your skirt really does look lovely--you managed to get it at just the right spot on the knee.

Piparmoreira said...

I love it!!


Mingming Lei said...

I love that skirt... The color is amazing and it looks like it fits you really well :) I just happened to stumble upon this blog and noticed you're in the DC area! Where do you go for fabric bychance? I love sewing too (or maybe just hoarding fabric lol) and am always looking for recommendations for fabric places.

Cher said...

TBH, I buy most of my fabric online. I haven't come across a good fabric store in the DC area. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a garment district like they do in NYC or Toronto. I love shopping online in general, but buying fabric online is difficult when you are looking for a particular fabric. Do you have any favorites in the area?

Stacey said...

You did a great job on this skirt. Your invisible zipper is impressive! Can I ask what kind of machine you have?

Cher said...

I use a Brother CS6000i. ;)

Mingming Lei said...

Yeah, DC is a bit sparse in terms of good fabric shops. There are a few places that I frequent:

1. G Street - It's on the expensive side, but they have sales and coupons often. And you'll see them have groupon or livingsocial deals. But they have TONS of beautiful fabric and they have their discounted bins which can have some good stuff. The stores are pretty warehouse sized and I can usually find something I like. I like going here for zippers because they have a large assortment. They're in Rockville, Falls Church, and Centreville. They also have a lot of classes if you want to take them. 

2. Vien Dong Fabric - I've actually never been to this place but someone else recommended it to me and I've been meaning to check it out. It's out in Falls Church and apparently is best if you have an idea of what kind of fabric you want in mind.

The following aren't near DC but by Baltimore and are good if you're ever in that area:

1. Guss Woolens - The hands down most amazing place if you're looking for general wool suitings. Everything is super affordable (I think I got some super 120s wool here for $10 or $15 for two yards) and the people are really nice. They'll also send you swatches if it's a bit of a hike, but I love rummaging through the piles and piles of fabric. They have huge tables full of fabric remnants that are usually 1-3 yards and pretty much all under $20.

2. A Fabric Place - Can be a bit more expensive than online but they have a great selection of everything and the people are super nice. They will carry a decent selection of designer fabrics; I haven't had great luck with cotton prints but have gotten some gorgeous Italian wool here.

Whew, hopefully that was helpful and you didn't know about some of those places at least :)

Cher said...

Ah thank you! The only one I've been to that you mentioned is G Street. I did find them to be quite expensive, despite the beautiful fabric. But I agree, they do also have a good discount bin. I've never seen them on Groupon or living social, I'll have to read my emails a bit closer. The other places sound great! Thanks so much!

Joanna said...

I applaud your enthusiasm! Nice to see someone stick to it when pursuing a new and challenging hobby.

SS_littleflowers said...

That skirt looks gorgeous!!! Beautiful Blue... Looking forward to seeing more your DIY!

Amy Khan said...

Awesome skirt + Aritzia blazer combo... and I can't believe you did the skirt yourself!!! :-)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Cher, I've been really amazed at how quickly your sewing skills have progressed and your attention to quality and detail. ie. you waited to hem jersey until after you read up about it to do it the right way with the double needle...when I had no clue what the needle was even for and usually rush through my alterations, somewhat sloppily. The back detail of this skirt looks impeccably pieced together w/ invisible zipper - I would not be able to tell it from store bought. Keep up the great work and soon you won't have to buy any of your clothes!

Cher said...

Aw, thanks Jean!! I knew my OCD with regards to details would be good for something one day! LOL. Although, I'm not sure about not having to buy any of my clothes one day. I think I'll always love coming home to packages and bringing home shopping bags full of clothes and shoes! ;)

Mischelle Angelea Tanteo said...

financial advice

How I wish I know how to sew! Too bad I can't do it to save my life. Especially when in crisis. Like a ripped skirt, top or something. Ugh! Anyways, Thanks for sharing this.

lisacng said...

did an AMAZING job! Totally looks store bought! As for the last material, I'd
be silly and just wrap it around like a scarf, but that's because I can't sew!

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