Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fitting Room Finds: Banana Republic.

   I haven't had many Fitting Room Finds posts lately. Two reasons:

   One, I'm lazy. Enough said. 

   Two, I've been finding that stores that once used to carry very small sizes like 00 or XXS no longer do (ahem, Ann Taylor!). If I know stores aren't going to carry my size, I'm obviously likely to have a very unsuccessful shopping trip, so I'd rather spend my time browsing and buying online. I do make my way to the mall to make returns, however. 

    A few weeks ago I saw a dress pop up online on that I thought looked amazing on the model. Out of curiosity, I stepped into Banana Republic to see if I could see if it was as great IRL as it was on the website. It's this Julie Belted Sheath dress:

     I knew of course that they wouldn't have my size, but I was hoping to be able to gauge whether it would be worth stalking online. Lo and behold in size 0:

     It's obviously too big in the shoulders and the hips and too long in both the torso and below the waist, but I could tell that with the right size that it had a lot of potential. It did fit my well around the waist so the 00P might actually fit pretty small. I forgot to note if there was a lining, but I don't recall one. If you see this dress in person, please let me know if there is one and I can update this post. It is made of 100% polyester, but it drapes beautifully. It will be much easier to travel with than my silk Nicole Miller sheath that I often use for business trips. Its regular price is $150, but BR has been having a lot of 30%-40% off codes lately, so best wait for a good coupon. I have some GAP rewards cards due to me next week, so I think as soon as I receive them and I get my hands on a good code, I'm going to snatch this up.

   Other finds are a few tops. My business wear tops, particularly sleeveless/short-sleeve blouses are seriously lacking so I do have to make a conscious effort to slowly build my blouse collection without settling. 

   I really liked this Cowl-neck Sweater shell that retails for $59.50:

     It comes in three colors: dark magenta, true navy, and heathered grey. I prefered the navy, but the only color they had in XS was the dark magenta. It fits rather well, even though the material is a little thin. I think it would fit better in petite, but unfortunately it only comes in Regular sizes.

      I also found this sleeveless keyhole blouse that looked draped really beautifully on the hanger. I saw online a few days ago, but I can no longer find it:

   It was only until I put it on, that I saw that it had a little keyhole opening in the front. Not really a fan. I left the store with nothing in hand, but I can't wait to order the Julie Sheath dress in my size.

   One other thing I see on the BR website that I  have my eye on is this Grosgrain-trim silk blouse

   I'd love to see how this blouse actually fits.  The color is gorgeous. BR hasn't really excited me in a long time, but on occasion I can find a few gems. Any great finds at BR lately?

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bea said...

Loved all the pieces on you!! Going in store to try out the cowl neck sweater =)

SS_littleflowers said...

Love these bold, deep color on you. You look really great! Those drapes are so beautiful! I like BR but recently had no luck.

Stacey said...

That dress is gorgeous, but $150 for polyester? That is ridiculous and wrong! BR dresses and skirts fit me exceptionally well, but I usually wait until a code. The new hot pink high-waisted pencil skirt is great btw. Just bought it last week and have gotten quite a few compliments. It's very comfortable.

Aubrey Dang said...

these models, esp using asian models, helps me visualize so much better which means, i'm extra curious.

lisacng said...

The purple is really nice on you. Hope it comes in petite sizing. And the green in the last blouse is gorgeous!

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