Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sam Edelman Beatrix Flats in Mazarine Blue.

     I am not going to do an entire re-review of this shoe since I did it here, but I wanted to share with anyone who is as obsessed with both royal blue and spikes as I am. Though, I will say that this pair feels a tiny bit short. A half size up should be considered if you don't like feeling the top of the shoe with the tip of your toe. Also, I don't remember the last pair feeling this cushy, but there is lots of padding in the footbed. Looky here:

     YUM, right??? I could not resist purchasing them to see what they looked like IRL. Can the brilliant blue color outweigh my dislike for the super-round toe? Quite possibly. 

     Get your pair here!

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Amber @ said...

oh, how i love your shoes reviews. do i need flats?

Sam said...

love the color. I sure need flats. Thank you for sharing.


Workingvacation said...

Beautiful color.  I wandered to your blog and enjoy reading it daily. :)  I'm also a 30-something and starting to invest in higher quality flats for work since I realize I can't keep up with wearing heels everyday anymore.

Solotaj said...

Love the color, but I'm with you.. something about super round toes turn me off. Keep doing your reviews! Love your style :)

Girlie Blogger said...

Love the blue and love the details.

lisacng said...

spikes add  a nice edge to it. Kinda wish
there was no bow tho.

Brian said...

That is an amazing colour of blue.  

Thanks for sharing

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