Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: J.Crew Telegraph Pencil Skirt in Super 120s.

Blouse: Ann Taylor Matte Jersey Cross Over Top (Blush Grey, size XSP).
Skirt: J.Crew Telegraph Pencil Skirt (Landscape green, size 00P).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amelie Pumps (Black, size 6).
Blazer: T. Babaton by Aritizia Suiting Blazer (Black, size 0).
Clutch: Botkier Charlotte Clutch (Black)(see similar).
Necklace: Forever21
Ring: Le Chateau

     I really wanted to buy something with my 25% off J.Crew cardholder code. It happens so infrequently that I feel obligated to buy something when it comes around. Of course, it had to be something that either almost never goes on sale (for example, suits in classic colors), or something I wanted so badly that I can't wait. Since I am not in immediate need for a suit or heels, I decided on the J.Crew Telegraph Skirt in Landscape green. 

     I'm drawn to green almost as much as I am drawn to blue. The skirt comes in the Super 120s material and in petite sizing. It is basically the No.2 pencil skirt with about two or three inches of extra length. This is such a relief because I've been having a lot of trouble with the length of J.Crew's pencil skirts as of late due to my disproportionately longer lower half. With the exception of the double-serge wool version of the No.2 skirt, J.Crew pencil skirts have all been too short. At least with the longer version, I could have it hemmed to my desired length which seems easier than having to let out the hem and attach a binding to get the most out of the material. 

    When the skirt arrived, I was not disappointed. The color is a rich, jewel-toned green and the super 120s merino wool is so smooth. It has two rear welt pockets, invisible back zip and a kick pleat in the back. 

     I think it could fit a *tiny* bit better around the back, but overall it is quite acceptable. It is high-waisted and falls just at the bottom of the knee. I actually like the longer length with heels--it seems so Victoria Beckham. With flats, it makes me look a bit stumpy so at some point in time it will probably need to be hemmed up to above the knee for more versatility, but I actually like the way it is right now. 

     Here are the full measurements for the skirt in 00P:

             Waist: 24.5"
             Hip: 33.75
             Length: 23.5"

     The regular price of this skirt is $138 and with 25% off, I paid approximately $103 plus 6% cash back. It is still a bit pricey, but for suiting material I'm always willing to splurge a little bit especially for a good quality wool such as the Super 120s. Plus the color is surprisingly versatile; it goes with just about everything. Grab one here, I also love it in Warm Sienna, which happens to be on sale.

   Anyone else give in with their J.Crew 25% discount code for cardholders? Please share!

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rakhshanda said...

Love Pencil skirts & this one looks fab <3 Beautiful outfit honey!!!


Amber @ EasyPetiteLooks.com said...

this color is stunning!! love the length of the skirt, actually. it makes me really really want to try it. hopefully j. crew has some good fall sales this year!

SS_littleflowers said...

That color is so beautiful. I agree with you - That length of skirt is the 'VB' length!

m said...

oh, i love the color of the skirt! j.crew really does make the best pencil skirts.

lisacng said...

Beautiful color indeed!

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