Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some Non-Suede Bootie Suggestions.

     When I posted my review about the Jean-Michel Cazabat Viena Booties a few days ago, I had an anonymous reader ask me if I had any suggestions for a non-suede bootie. I can completely understand this request. Having originally come from a very winter-y climate, as well as living in New England for four years, I know that suede is not a practical material to be worn in the winter. In fact, I almost completely avoided it. It could be worn for the month of October and two weeks in November and then they had to be stored away again until next fall.  The cost per wear would not be the best ratio.

     Now that I live in DC where the climate is much drier during the winter season, I love the idea of suede and have no qualms about purchasing it (although, it may be something I regret when I eventually move home). But I decided to put together a few suggestions for some non-suede booties if any of you were interested. My criteria, other than being non-suede of course, is:
  • Not too high of a heel--they have to be practical to commute in--so 3.5" heel/wedge and under;
  • A classic style, maybe (but not necessarily) with a little edge;
  • They are appropriate for the office. Nothing too overtly sexy or too casual;
  • Reasonable price range--I kept my choices under $400. I don't necessarily think you need spend $400 and not all of us can afford to, but as the season goes on with F&F sales and Black Friday quickly approaching, you might be able to snag them at a great price; and
  • I would actually wear them myself. 
    Anonymous was right in pointing out that a lot of booties are made of suede this season. So finding nice, practical leather booties in a reasonable price range, was not so easy. But here is what I came up with:

    Coach Sondra High heel Belted Bootie. While I'm generally not a huge Coach fan, I do really like many of their shoes (and have you seen their new Legacy Handbag Collection?! Wow). This bootie is similar to the one I purchased last year in wedge form. It is a very good quality boot and I'm happy to recommend it. The shape of the toe and the heel (3.5") are perfect, and the buckle detail is just enough to keep it interesting. Regular price at Bloomingdales' is $248.

   I really like this See Chloe Martine two-tone bootie I saw on the Bloomingdales' website. Not everyone is a fan of the burgundy colored heel, but I think it gives it a unique touch. The slightly thicker 3" heel makes it easier to walk in, and the slight dip in the front adds a little extra length to the leg line. Original price at Bloomies is $400, I would totally stalk these until their F&F pops up in October.

 LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Lorelei Bootie. OK, this bootie is 3.75" high, but it has a small platform making it feel like about 3.5". If you are comfortable walking around in something like this, I think it is a great option. $139 at Endless.

And probably my favorite of the the bunch is this Ann Taylor Clark Belted Wedge bootie. It sits on a 3" wedge and has the perfect almond toe. It's regular price is $198, but with Ann Taylor's frequent coupons, you are sure to find this at a pretty decent price. Don't wait too long though! This boot is disappearing fast online (but it was re-stocked last night!). Best check your local store for a better selection of sizes!

   I hope this helps someone! And if you have any suggestions for a practical non-suede bootie, please post below in the comments!

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Girlie Blogger said...

I think I'd like the wedge booties too. They are much more comfortable. said...

I love the look of suede boots but have never bought any for fear that the minute I get caught in the snow. Those are great picks, Cher! My favorite is the second pair.

lisacng said...

I love the Coach and AT ones!!

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