Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Theory Ardena Stretch Cotton Pant.

     I am a huge fan of Theory. A good percentage of my work wardrobe is made of the brand. The quality is impeccable, and the fit is generally really great on my petite frame. However, I do sometimes have trouble with their trousers. The Max C fits me like a charm, but, their other non-classic trousers don't always fit that great. In fact, they rarely do. So I always have to be wary about purchasing Theory bottoms that aren't from their classic collection.

     Theory held their F&F a few weeks ago, and I was just dying to try out a few of their "skinny" trousers. I ordered the Ardena and the Ardira with high hopes.

     Stock photo of the Ardena Stretch Cotton Pant:

     IRL photos:

     Two things surprised me about these pants when I opened the box. First, I am not familiar with the "Basis" material, so I was shocked at how stretchy it was at 97% cotton and 3% spandex. I thought it would have more of a twill feel, but instead it was very reminiscent of my GAP Really Skinny Pants with better stretch recovery. Not really what I was looking for, although, if you like the GAP Really Skinny Pants but don't like how they stretch out, these appear as if they will hold their shape much better. If I had to describe the material, I would say it's almost like a thin ponte. As you can see from the above photos, they're a bit too clingy for a conservative office environment; very much like a legging-type pant. Despite having rear pockets, I would probably wear a blouse or jacket long enough to cover the rear.

     Second surprise was the color. The color is called "Khaki", but I was expecting it to be similar to what it showed online which, on my screen at least, is more of a taupe color. In fact, it is a true khaki color. I wasn't really looking to add something of this hue to my trouser collection.

     Overall, they are too big for me. There is quite a bit of folding around the rear, and it's not really fitted enough all over. It does have belt loops and rear welt pockets as well as front slant pockets. The seams bother me a little bit. I would prefer a clean front.

     Here are the measurements on the 00:

     Rise: 7.5"
     Waist: 28"
     Inseam: 32"
     Leg opening: 10"
     Hip: 33.75:

     The regular price for these pants are $245. They also come in navy and black. Since they are too big for me, they will be going back, but if you are a little larger than I am around the hips and you like a ponte-like/GAP Really Skinny material you might really like these pants. Check them out here!

     Stay tuned. The review for the very similar Ardira Stretch Cotton Pant coming up!

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SS_littleflowers said...

I would expect the same on the stretchiness and the color of the pants as you. Next one looks more promising!

jeetly petite said...

Sometimes the colour of products online aren't what you expect and most retailers state this in their privacy policy. I agreethe variants on the colour here are to great.

Rites of Beauty Blogger said...

I think the pants are great until the knees, when they become a little too loose and lose the clean line. Look forward to reading the next review :)

lisacng said...

Sorry they didn't work out.

Stacey said...

I have the same issue with Theory pants (except the Max C) - and most pants, in general. I get the baggy knee syndrome and I hate it. I just can't get on board with paying $245 for cotton either. The Max C's are worth it - they really last forever

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