Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AFD Fashion Fixation: Leather sleeves

    OMG, I'm so sorry. I thought things would have wound down by now, but apparently not. The weather in NYC was miserable and I ended up getting sick (bronchitis, to be exact), just in time for what could be a potentially an 80+ hour work week. FANTASTIC. Needless to say, I'm finding it difficult to find time to blog. Hopefully I can catch up soon, but for now, a quick post to hold you over.

  Now on to the real topic at hand. After watching NYFW, I was inspired by all the leather details in a majority of the shows. So much so, I have become much more obsessed with leather sleeves on an otherwise non-leather item piece.

   The ultimate leather-sleeved piece:

Burberry, $1995US.

    I saw a version of the above from a past season in a consignment shop in NYC last weekend. It was AMAZING.

    Other great options:

Zara, $139CA (no longer available on the US website).
Helmut Lang @Shopbop, $695.

Style Stalker (faux leather sleeves) @Revolveclothing,  $109.

   A few giveaways coming up in the next few weeks, if I can ever get to writing up some posts. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red hot.

   This post is from the backlog since I don't have anything else prepared and I'm in the middle of writing an opinion piece on a topic I know nothing about! I'm suffering right now. =(

Sweater: J.Crew Boucle Cowlneck Sweater (Cream, size XS).
Shirt: J.Crew Keeper Chambray (Afternoon Sky, size 0).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pump (Black, size 6).
Ring: Le Chateau.

    A great way to dress down a pair of leather-look bottoms such as these Rich & Skinny Wax-Coated Legacy Jeggings is by wearing a cozy and casual layer (or layers) up top. It's a really fun opportunity to play with texture. If I wanted to wear knee-high or OTK boots with these wax-coated jeggings, I would lean towards wearing suede rather than an all-leather boot, but who am I kidding? I would never refuse an all-leather outfit. :P

   Same outfit but with my suede OTK boots:

Boots: Cole Haan by Maria Sharapova Seraphina OTK Boots (Grey suede, size 6.5).

    Don't forget to see how Wendy styles her red WC Legacy denim here!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Very subtly yours.

   I decided to be a little cheezy for Single's Awareness Day/Valentine's Day by wearing my heart print blouse. But to not make it so obvious, I threw on my blue cardigan over top. LOL. I wonder if anyone noticed the heart pattern?

Sweater: LOFT cardigan (Royal Blue, size XS (self-shrunk)).
Blouse: Jacob Heart-print tie-neck blouse (Black/white, size XS).
Pants: GAP Really Skinny Pants (Black, size 00P).
Boots: Marc Fisher Kevins Boot (Tan leather, size 6.5).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).
Ring: Aldo (Silver).

    I almost didn't post this outfit. Things are kind of crazy right now; there are a lot of things happening at once career-wise and I'm trying to sort it out as much as I can without stressing, but I'm feeling the pressure--all of which I have placed on myself, of course. I feel like things are finally starting move, but hopefully it's just not another tease because I felt like this about the same time last year and that didn't work out so well. =/ I'm crossing my fingers that this will have an opposite outcome. However, as a result of all this craziness, blog outfits might be a bit more infrequent the next few weeks. 

    On a more positive note, I have a few upcoming blog-related surprises for all of you, so stay tuned! Plus, I'm going to be making my first trip to NYC next week! Any suggestions on places to check out?? 

    Slight variation of the essentially the same outfit here:

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Monday, February 13, 2012

NYFW A/W 2012: Diane von Furstenberg

   I always enjoy DVF's RTW collections. It tends to be a lot more feminine than I would typically wear IRL, but the prints and the silhouettes are certainly to be admired. I didn't see this show stream live, however there was incredible hype all over twitter when the show was finished. I was curious to see what the big deal was. When I finally got around to taking a look, I understood. The lineup was very sophisticated with an air of Parisian chic. It had beautiful touches of leather, including my favorite, opera length leather gloves. But also, DVF who is known for her prints, toned it down a little in this collection--there was less print, but there were still bright, bold solid colors. Also noticeable were more body-hugging silhouettes with higher slits and lower necklines than in previous collections. Just beautiful. Here are a few of my favorites in the lineup, more can be found at

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYFW A/W 2012: Victoria Beckham

    VB has easily become one of my favorite designers. It's the perfect mix of sophisticated, minimalism, edge and femininity. Although last season's collection wasn't one of my favorites of hers, she easily won me over with her new A/W 2012 collection. Here are a few of my most adored looks from her military-inspired show (photos from, see more here): 

     And her new "Harper" handbag named after her daughter, a photo tweeted by her: 


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Friday, February 10, 2012

AFD Fashion Fixation: Mint Green Blouse.

    If you happen to pay attention of the kinds of colors I wear, you may notice that I tend to shy away from pastels.  Why? Because over the years, I have noticed that pastels aren't very flattering to my medium yellow skin-tone. In fact, pastels have a tendency to make me look jaundice, so I rarely go there. I much prefer jewel tones and bolder, more saturated colors. However, lately I've been starting to obsess over a mint green button-up. This J.Crew one to be exact: 

J.Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt, $69.50.

   Such a pretty and unexpected  color for layering under sweaters. Other beautiful (and more expensive) mint-green options are:

From Shopbop, Equipment Sleeveless Signature Blouse, $188.

from Les Nouvelles, Equipment Signature Mint Blouse, $208.

from Stylebop, Piazza Sempione Mint Silk Tie-Neck Blouse,  $535.
  Less expensive option:

from Forever21, Button Up Shirt in SeaFoam, $22.80.

    Pale "sorbet-like" colors are trending this coming spring/summer in all forms, including denim. I may try a blouse in this minty green or the much safer peach/light rose tone, but I'm not so sure about the bottoms. Will you be taking part in this trend?

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black Magic.

Sweater: Jacob Turtleneck (Black, size XS).
Belt: ASOS Double Wrap Leather Belt (Black, size S).
Pants: Talula Babaton by Artizia William (?) Trousers (Black, size 0).
Clutch: Botkier Charlotte Clutch (Black).
Boots: Coach Letty Wedge Boots (Black, size 6.5).
Ring: Le Chateau.

    If I didn't think I would look so goth and unapproachable, I would wear all black outfits more frequently--I love the minimalistic and edgy look of it. But an unsociable and aloof vampire isn't the impression I would like to portray in the workplace. :P

   Whether we recognize it or not, what we wear at work gives off a certain impression to those around us. What do you think your work style says about you and is that the image that you would like to portray to your colleagues and/or clients?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: Theory Frayne Pant in Tailor Wool

   I have been looking for the perfect skinny trouser for work for YEARS. This is not an exaggeration. It's always been an absolute fail due to my small size. -->Small-hipped women need not apply<--

   But when I saw these Theory Frayne Pants in their Tailor Wool material, I *had* to have them. They had the potential to be the perfect work separate and could also be worn with one of their suit jackets. 

Theory Frayne Pant, $255

      From the photo, they look like the perfect pant. Skinny, but not too skinny, and the quality being Theory, would be without question. I was willing to splurge the $255 (plus tax) that these cost if they actually fit almost perfectly.

    When I pulled them out of the bag, the first thing I noticed was the hole in the pant leg. OK, well automatic fail due to being damaged goods. But, I was willing to do an exchange if these actually fit. They looked a bit large in the butt area, but when I put them on, they did fit really well (purchased in 00, the same size as my Max C trousers)! 

    The only thing I think that would have made the fit better is a slightly slimmer leg, particularly below the knee.
    However there is bad news. The description on the Theory website says, "on-seam coin pocket":

   One wouldn't think that was a bad thing and also rather typical. However, what they failed to mention was that there was an extra seam going down the outside of the leg:

Yes. Really. About 2 inches from the side seam, there is *another* seam going down the front of the pants, and that is wear these "on-seam coin pockets" are. Not only that, but the pockets start two inches lower than the waistband making them really awkwardly placed. I feel like I have to reach down into my pockets. What the heck is going on here??

     Admittedly, the second time I put these trousers on for these blog photos, they kind of grew on me a little bit. However, for the hefty price tag, these had to be perfect, and they were not. I am disappointed because overall the fit was great.  These must go back and I'm not happy about it (my bank account is though). 

Here are the full measurements on the 00:

                                                   Waist:  26" (these are low rise)
                                                       Hip:  33"
                                                     Rise:  7" (crotch seam to top of waistband)
                                                 Inseam:  29.5"
                                          Leg opening:  12"

    Next on the list to try is Aritzia. I saw a few skinny leg wool trousers on their website last season and a few this coming spring/summer, but they're always sold out by the time I can get myself to a store back home in T.O. (I beg for online shopping!!). If someone has tried these, please let me know how they fit so I can hunt them down (or have someone hunt them down for me).

    What do you ladies think of skinny trousers for work?

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three of three.

    I have almost made it through the fall/winter shopping season purchasing only three sweaters. I thought I had an idea of what I wanted my final sweater of the season to look like: oversized and cozy with lots of drape and likely cashmere.


   I ended up getting another one of these J.Crew Tippi sweaters. I couldn't resist the color and my purple one has been wearing so well.

Sweater: J.Crew Tippi Sweater (Light Citron, size XXS).
Pants: Theory Max C Trousers (Black, size 00).
Belt: J.Crew Skinny Leather Belt (Bright Cobalt, size XS).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps (Black, size 6).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway (Silver).

    BUT, I found a hole in one of my old sweaters, so I'm considering allowing myself another one just to replace the one I lost. The caveat, however, is that the purchase of a new sweater if made in the next few months is going to go towards my Five-Item Challenge. I'm not sure if that's what I want to do that just yet. Of course, J.Crew is all but forcing me to use me use one of my five items on them by sending me a $25 rewards card that expires mid-March, just two weeks shy of the end of my Challenge. *sigh* Thanks, J.Crew.

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