Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Sam Edelman Brina Flats.

Photo via Nordstrom

It's been a while since I did one of these, but to be honest, last year my shoe buying purchases were fairly minimal mostly due to the fact that Canada has a sad, sad selection of shoes. I have also started to become much more selective with my shoe-buying purchases because as you can see in many of my posts, I really just wear the same pairs over and over again.  I do have a similar pair to these Sam Edelman Brina Flats (last seen here), but I couldn't resist seeing how these fit.  

Look and Quality: Visually, these are very appealing. I love that they are a bit edgy and are still quite feminine. They look to be made well, with a leather sole and leather upper. It is a very nice nude color without being too light or dark for my medium, yellow-toned skin. The little studs appear to be glued on there well, so I do not have a fear of one popping off. 

Fit: I am a true size 6, and I took a size 6 in these flats. The ankle strap is sewn together in the back (I've had sandals that aren't and they are super annoying to wear) which eliminates some slippage when walking. However these shoes are definitely made for feet of medium width or wider;  my feet which lean towards the narrow side particularly in the heel area slide back and forth as I walk. I also have very small ankles which doesn't help my cause. My feet just don't feel very secure and as a result, I can see myself loosing my shoes as I walk. 

Comfort: The is padding in the insole, so it doesn't feel like you are walking directly on the pavement. The inside of the toe box isn't rough either so I don't feel a lot of rubbing, although I haven't walked in these shoes for any extended period of time. I don't feel any pinching on the side of the toes despite being a pointy-toe flat, however,  as I mentioned, these are also a bit loose on me width-wise. If you can keep these shoes on your feet, I think they would be quite comfortable walking shoes (and I mean walks that aren't hours long).

Verdict: Return. As pretty as these are, they don't fit my feet very well. If you have at least medium-width feet, then these are definitely worth a try. For those with narrower width feet, these Brina flats are probably not the best choice.

These retail for $110 and also come in black. You can grab a pair here!

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