Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polar Vortex / Tartan.

Pants: Club Monaco Rachel Pant (Black, size 00)
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel (Black, full size).
Rings: Topshop.
Scarf: Jacob (Red tartan)(similar here or here).
Boots: Loeffler Randall Matilde (Black, size 6.5).

     Whoever gave us this polar vortex can have it back. Seriously. 

     I hope round two was the last round because I have never experienced such cold in my life.   Thankfully, I chose this year to invest in a super warm winter coat. If I had any second thoughts about it initially, they are long gone now. 

     Despite the super warm outer layer, when it gets super cold, all I care to wear to work is a wool sweater and skinny pants to tuck easily into my boots. I purchased this tartan scarf a few months back and I love to throw it over a simple outfit to make it a bit more interesting (and incidentally, warmer).

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torontoShopoholic said...

Love this! It is the coldest it has been in a LONG time here that is for sure. I have a similar Zara scarf and it is instant warmness.

Joanna said...

Every time I see you with your Pashli I'm even more determined to get the one I want! I ordered the medium last month and was super bummed to find that the original (large) size was sent to me instead. Since it was from the States, a return wasn't possible, but I'm gonna redouble my efforts to sell it and get the medium I've always wanted!

Cher said...

OMG! Why wasn't a return possible? It would be a pain, but the payment for return shipping shouldn't be on you since it's not your fault. You should def. get the bag though! I absolutely love mine. Totally worth the wait for me.

Cher said...

Thanks, Jane!! :)

Cher said...

You can actually get all those back! There's a special form that you can fill out and submit to customs and it will be refunded to you. Shipping itself you would have to argue with the company, but given that it's their fault, it *shouldn't* be a problem.

Mer said...

love the scarf and boots :)

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