About My Style

Professional Meets Tomboy: My style is a bit different from many bloggers out there. My style is not at all quirky nor is it extremely feminine--I am truly just a tomboy at heart. Skirts or dresses on my day off with nowhere special to go? Not likely (but has been known to happen on rare occasions, particularly when it's over 100F/38C outside). If you happen to see me on the street on a day when I'm not working, chances are I'd just be wearing jeans and a T-shirt. But I do love fashion.   My aesthetic is somewhat European-influenced; I have always been extremely drawn to a very pared-down, minimalist style and it is often reflected in my outfits--I don't wear a lot of layers or a ton of accessories, and my silhouettes are often clean and streamlined. My professional style tends to be classic corporate, and occasionally preppy. On my off days, my style is very tomboy/downtown chic. Sometimes, the two co-mingle, and I get a mixture of classic corporate with a little bit of edge (or a lot of edge depending on my mood). Style mistakes are always inevitable. If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks, and what's the fun in that? 

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